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Personal Driving courses at Yesdrive

Congratulations! You decided to follow driving courses and get a driving licence. You are looking for a Driving school in and around Antwerp that fullfil your requirement, Like quality, pricesseness, good service and deciple under one roof.

The Unique thing about yesdrive is that the student stands central. the courses are given by a correct, polite instructor with multiple years of experience.

Every month we organises a theory class in 3 languages, French, Dutch and English

Personal Driving courses

Extensive training including final exam, exluding driving lessieons, trail exam and exam guidance. In the case you would chose for Driving courses, there wont be any certificates delivered and you will not be enrolled at the driving school.

Accredited Driving school number 2685

In correspondence with accreditted driving school number 2685 are there also following packages available:

Option 1:

20 Hours to become eligeble do driver without supervision.

Option 2:

6 Hours, After 2 failed attempts or the expirery of the temporary driving permit.

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